Your input into logging practices in BC is needed right away

Public review and comment processes for the following forest practices laws are coming to a close. There is just enough time for you to write some comments:

For Crown land logging: the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) — deadine July 15

A government discussion paper and online form are available at: But it would be better to send a letter to

2006 logging in the Incomappleux Valley under the FRPA

The old Forest Practices Code was massively weakened in 2004 to produce the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA). Now stronger rules are desperately needed to respond to the dual crises of climate change and species loss. These are VWS’s top priorities for amending the FRPA:

  1. End the logging of old-growth forests 250 years or older.
  2. Five-Year Plans with public access to maps showing the location and size of clearcuts should be restored.
  3. Provisions for protecting slope stability and watersheds, such as those in the old Forest Practices Code, should be restored. It used to be illegal for companies to cause landslides, but under the FRPA, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and the  Ministry of Environment don’t even investigate landslides.
  4. Consumptive-use watersheds should be a distinct category, identified in the FRPA and in logging plans, and protected under law, not under guidelines. This category should have increased protective measures.
  5. Waste volumes rose substantially under the FRPA while fines for it declined.  This requires stronger regulation.

For more recommendations download VWS’s full submission to government here.

For Private land logging, the Private Managed Forest Land Act (PMFLA) — deadline July 22.

Government background information and online comment form: However, VWS urges you to write a letter instead, because the online form  skirts the major problems with this law and program. You can send letters to government to VWS calls for three important changes to the PMFL Act:

1. The Private Managed Forest Land Program should be mandatory for all private land logging.
2. The forest practice regulations for the PMLF Program should be strengthened to the level that is required on Crown land.
3. The PMFLA should not provide participants an exemption from restrictions on logging passed by local governments.

For more information download VWS’s full submission to government here.

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