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Source and Information Documents in PDF or HTML format available for download.

The Valhalla Wilderness Society works with scientists and researchers in a broad range of fields, such as wildlife biologists, forest ecologists, hydrologists, anthropologists, GIS map experts, geographers, terrain stability experts, botanists, and many others.

Proper science is a key tool in understanding the world around us, and recognizing the intricacies and fragility of the ecosystems in which we live. Too often, biased or faulty science is used by industries or government as the justification for proceeding with faulty projects, designed more out of concern for extracting maximum profits than with living responsibly on the earth.

Our research and background material in the form of press releases, fact sheets, information bulletins, and reports is made available to all. Much of this material can be accessed directly on the website’s individual project pages. If you are searching for a specific item, there is also a wealth of information in the links above.

The sharing of information, resource and research material with other ENGOs, communities, government and the general public furthers the progress of all environmental issues.

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