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We are a BC-based wilderness conservation organization, specializing in the creation of parks and protected areas for wildlife and ecosystems.

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  In 2018 Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) declared that BC’s endangered mountain caribou face imminent threat to their recovery under the Species at Risk Act. The Imminent Threat Assessment acknowledged that not enough…

Proposed Zincton Resort Town Likely To Decimate Grizzly Bears & Other Wildlife

Along the scenic Highway 31A, between New Denver and Silverton, a developer has proposed a luxury resort for skiing and mountain biking, with a capacity for 1,750 guests a day. Gondolas would carry up to 1,500 guests a day onto London and…

The Battle To Stop The Assault On Endangered Mountain Caribou

Thousands of scientists are warning: loss of biodiversity and climate change threaten the future survival of humanity. The disappearance of Mountain Caribou is part of both of these crises. Protecting them is British Columbia’s responsibility…

Current Campaigns

MOUNTAIN CARIBOU – The battle to save the critically endangered Deep-snow Mountain Caribou.

LARGE CARNIVORES – VWS opposes wolf culls and maternity pens for caribou cows, and focuses on the real problem: habitat destruction.

WESTERN TOADS – A project to protect biodiversity by reducing human-caused mortality of threatened western toads.

GRIZZLY BEARS – A welcome but fragile end to grizzly bear hunting.

VWS has achieved decades of research in the Inland Temperate Rainforest region of British Columbia. The result is a portfolio of three proposals for new parks that would protect high-biodiversity old-growth Inland Temperate Rainforest and many species at risk. WATCH THE SHORT FILM, Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux.

Fifty-eight scientists, organizations, businesses and advocates across British Columbia are calling for a major expansion of BC’s Parks and Protected Areas to preserve biodiversity and take meaningful action on climate change.

The Grow BC Parks Coalition is petitioning the Provincial and First Nation governments of British Columbia to immediately protect BC’s remaining intact natural areas.

Tsilquot’in, Friends of Nemaiah Valley, VWS and others are working to protect BC’s last 1,000 wild horses from government culls and other threats generated by the cattle industry. These are the last of tens of thousands of wild horses that once ran free in the interior BC grassland belt. The last wild horse cull was in 1988. Lacking any legislative protection, they are constantly under threat of indiscriminate shooting and government culls.

History of Valhalla Wilderness Society

Valhalla Provincial Park stretches from the far shore of Slocan Lake in British Columbia, to the mountaintops.

Valhalla Provincial Park was created in 1983 after eight years of hard-won battle by the Valhalla Wilderness Society (VWS). VWS went on to successfully spearhead campaigns for the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, Goat Range Provincial Park, and the Spirit Bear Conservancies on Princess Royal Island. The charitable organization also played one of the key roles in the protection of South Moresby National Park Reserve. Its Endangered Wilderness Map of 1988 initiated the movement to double BC’s park system to 12% of the province. VWS has led park campaigns that now protect over 560,000 hectares. The work resulted in numerous national and international conservation awards received by Chairperson Colleen McCrory.

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