Parks Planning Process

Valhalla Provincial Park
The public input phase of the Valhalla Park Master Plan Process ended in the winter of 2005. Only after the process ended did the public learn that three areas in the park had been identified as potential candidates for luxury lodges in the BC Parks Lodge Strategy. (See BC Parks Lodge Strategy documents (PDFs) under Provincial Parks in Peril, below.) BC Parks just released the “Summary of Public Input.” The government committed to strengthen the draft plan to protect against adverse effects due to lodges.

VWS submission on the Draft Plan Feb 22, 2005 (100k)

VWS submission on the Summary of Public Input (To be posted soon)

Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park

Mt. Assiniboine currently has a lodge within the park. It has been identified for a new lodge in the PARKS LODGE STRATEGY. (See BC Parks Lodge Strategy documents (PDFs) under Provincial Parks in Peril, below.) A new Master Plan process is starting now and ending March 31, 2006. Suggestions for issues for discussion due by November 30, 2005. Key stakeholders workshop on January 7th, 2006 in Radium (location to be determined). Public Open House in Radium on February 15th.

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Declaration on the Principles of Parks

At the turn of the previous century, amidst the rapid development of land, trapping and shooting of wildlife and cutting down of forests, there emerged a vision of preserving large areas of wildlands in their natural condition, with little or no modification by humans. This declaration concerns all such wildland protected areas, which are referred to herein as “parks” or “protected areas.”

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