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Inland Rainforest/Mountain Caribou Information Bulletin

The world’s only Inland Temperate Rainforest and the world’s only mountain caribou are found in southeastern BC. This rare ancient rainforest is disappearing because of clearcut logging, and the old-growth dependent mountain caribou are on the brink of extinction.

Information Bulletin #46

The Incomparable Incomappleux

A botanical perspective on the antique inland rainforest of the Incomappleux River Valley. Reprinted from Menziesia magazine by permission of the BC Native Plants Society. Page design by Rene McKnight.

The Incomparable Incomappleux (1.1 MB)

Inland Rainforest Fact Sheet

While B.C.s coastal rainforest is world-renowned for its splendour and diversity, its interior counterpart, the rare Inland Temperate Rainforest, remains relatively unknown, and is quickly disappearing.

ITR Fact Sheet PDF (732k)

Inland Rainforest Conservation Design
Dr. Lance Craighead, of the Craighead Environmental Research Institute, has undertaken a massive analysis of wildlife habitat in the Inland Rainforest Region.

ITR Conservation Design High Res PDF (33 MB)
ITR Conservation Design Low Res PDF (5 MB)

VWS Inland Rainforest Report
The Need to Rescue the Rare Biological Legacies of Canada’s Only Inland Rainforest, 18-pages of photos, map samples and text.

Inland Rainforest Report High Res PDF (39 MB)
Inland Rainforest Report Low Res PDF (6 MB)


Reports on botanical surveys by botanist Toby Spribille
All you ever wanted to know about Lichens (148k)
Oceanic Macrolichens in the Incomappleux River Valley 2002 (180k)
Botanical surveys in the Incomappleux River 2004 (148)
Lichen Survey of the Upper Duncan River Area 2004 (120k)
List of Plants of the Incomappleux Rain Forest (52k)