Cell Phone Hazard Reports

Valhalla Commitee For Environmental Health (Committee Chair: Richard Caniell)

Cellular Phones and their Transmission Towers: Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR)

An Afterword about the Cell Phone Installation in New Denver (PDF)
As published in the Valley Voice newspaper, July 28, 2010

Disqualifying Flaws in the Interphone Report
Important documentation and links about the inadequacies and flaws of the Interphone Report

Cell Phone Transmission Towers and Ill Health Effects
Compilation of medical and scientific studies – media reports.

Conflict of Interest in Health Canada (PDF)
Examples of Heath Canada relying on Industry-funded scientists and experts for policy decisions (regarding transmission towers). A 15 page excerpt from document sent to the Auditor General of Canada. Petitioners: Sharon and Dennis Noble, Victoria, British Columbia.

Reports – Letters – Fact Sheets

Electro-Magnetic Radiation – a Toxin?
Medical Practitioner’s Information Package – Scientific reports and resolutions compiled by Penelope Bonnett, New Denver.

Children and wireless technology
Scientific reports, official resolutions, and media articles about the especially hazardous effects of EMR on children. Compiled by Penelope Bonnett, New Denver.