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Selkirk Mountain Caribou Park Proposal
caribouThe Selkirk Mountain Caribou Park Proposal protects endangered mountain caribou, primeval Inland Temperate Rainforest with trees up to 1,800 years old, hundreds of species of lichens, rare plants, core habitat for blue-listed grizzly bears, wolverines, and spawning grounds of the bull trout.

Wildlife Conservationgrizzly
One of the primary indicators of the health of an ecosystem is the health of the wildlife populations that live there. The Valhalla Wilderness Society, and its on-staff biologists, have been following a number of species in particular, advocating for their long-term protection – protection which includes preserving sufficient habitat to help ensure the continuing survival of these magnificent animals.

Inland Temperate Rainforestinland small
While B.C.’s coastal rainforest is world-renowned for its splendour and diversity, its interior counterpart, the rare Inland Temperate Rainforest, remains relatively unknown, and is quickly disappearing.

Save the Spirit Bearspirit small
In 1987, the Valhalla Wilderness Society started a science-based program to establish a large sanctuary for the spirit bear centred in the heartland of British Columbia’s still-intact temperate rainforest on Princess Royal Island and adjacent areas. We have also created an anti-poaching fund for illegal hunting of grizzly bears and white-phase Kermodes in the area.
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