URGENT!!! Letters and Meeting Attendance Desperately Needed to Protect Mountain Caribou

BC’s Mountain Caribou are at a watershed point that may determine their fate forever. In 2018, Environment Canada (EC) determined that the Southern Mountain caribou is “facing imminent threats to its recovery”. Under the Species at Risk Act, this required the federal Minister to recommend that Cabinet issue an Emergency Order to force BC to protect the caribou and their habitat. No order has ensued, instead EC has pursued a negotiated agreement with BC to increase protection for caribou. It is weak, but does offer crucial improvements (along with some objectionable clauses and glaring omissions); and it’s the best the caribou are going to get right now. The problem is that industrial interests and motorized recreation interests are spreading  fears and untruths about the agreement. People are being told that their businesses, recreation, logging jobs, will be lost. This does not have to be so, but it feeds a mindset that believes all forest should be logged and every alpine ridge, whether critical caribou habitat or not, should be available for their winter pleasure. But should the world’s only Mountain Caribou go extinct in one of the richest nations on Earth? Many other people say “no”. If that is you, you must take action NOW or this new recovery process could once again be shifted away from habitat protection and toward more brutal killing of wolves and cougars — the very same mistake that was made eleven years ago that caused the original recovery plan to utterly fail.

See the schedule for public meetings here.

See the draft agreement at https://engage.gov.bc.ca/caribou/section11agreement/.
DEADLINE FOR PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS IS MAY 3.  Send comments to the government at https://feedback.engage.gov.bc.ca/193557?lang=en

Download Key Points from VWS’s Review of the Draft Agreement

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