Morkill Falls IPP

June 30 deadline for public comment on the Morkill Falls IPP

The Morkill River is near Prince George. It is the site of the proposed Walker Wilderness, one of the most important areas for wildlife in the whole BC Interior Wetbelt. Now Robson Valley Power Corporation wants to dam and divert the river, destroy a beautiful and ecoogically important waterfalls, and log rare old-growth inland temperate rainforest – all to make a fortune selling electricity to BC Hydro. At stake: imperilled Chinook salmon and bull trout, endangered mountain caribou, blue-listed grizzly bear and many species of old-growth lichens associated with inland temperate rainforest. Please write a letter to the Integrated Land Management Bureau. You can find the address and the key issues in VWS’s submission to government.

Download the submission (pdf)

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